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Celebrating Summer Healthy Eating – Summer Pasta with Cream Sauce

By |2020-07-22T15:20:46+01:00July 22nd, 2020|Healthy Eating, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Pitta, Recipes, Summer|

This is a recipe to help keep the summer heat from getting to you. It's fast and delicious. And it's lighter than you might think. Remember to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Celebrating Summer – Healthy Eating – Moroccan Tagine

By |2020-07-23T16:12:40+01:00July 21st, 2020|Food, Healthy Eating, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

This Moroccan Tagine looks impressive, but is very easy to make. The slow cooking brings a depth of flavour which you don’t get with more quickly-cooked meals.

Celebrating Summer Healthy Eating – Squash & Coconut Soup

By |2020-07-23T16:13:43+01:00July 20th, 2020|Healthy Eating, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

Celebrating summer healthy eating - Squash & Coconut Soup. Vegan, 4-6 servings. The gorgeous colour of this soup when blended is as appealing to the eye as the flavours are to the taste-buds!

How is the heatwave impacting you?

By |2019-07-18T15:51:12+01:00July 18th, 2019|Balance, Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Pitta, Recipes, Skin Care, Stress, Summer|

Has the increased heat at nights caused you to sleep more fitfully? Some people have noticed changes in digestion with occasional heartburn or hyperacidity in the stomach. Others have commented on their skin becoming more parched, or have an increase of acne or skin rashes. What effect has the extreme heat had on you? A heat wave can also effect your mind and emotions causing an increase of fiery or controlling tendencies.

Try a Cooling Juice or Tropical Sensation

By |2019-06-18T15:01:37+01:00June 18th, 2019|Doshas, Drinks, Holiday, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Pitta, Recipes, Summer|

Have you noticed that as the weather warms up you naturally desire different food and drink than you did during winter? You may like to try the Cooling Cucumber juice or Tropical Sensation recipes below. The change in your appetite and food choices during summer is guided by the increase of heat within you causing an increase of the qualities of Pitta dosha.

Mango – The Ayurveda King of Fruits

By |2019-04-29T15:14:46+01:00April 29th, 2019|Drinks, Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes, Summer|

The "king of fruits" has been around for at least 6,000 years. Native to India and Burma, this sweet fruit was described in the ancient Sanskrit literature — for example, in Valmiki's Ramayana. The mango was also the fruit of the kings in ancient India, where princes used to pride themselves on the possession of large mango gardens.

Would you like a Xmas treat?

By |2018-12-20T15:09:23+00:00December 20th, 2018|Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes, Winter|

Only a few more nights to Christmas day! Have you thought about what special culinary delights you would like to prepare or share this Christmas Day? It can be a challenge to find tasty and balancing options all in one. Tasty meals that include easy to find ingredients and incorporate seasonal produce while helping to promote balance in our mind and body too. Also as it is a special time you may want to do something a little different or try something new.

Autumn Recipe & Eating Tips

By |2018-12-19T15:21:48+00:00December 19th, 2018|Autumn, Digestion, Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes, Vata|

Autumn Recipe & Eating Tips What to cook that will be both tasty while also helping you to stay in balance? As the days settle into Autumn do you wonder what to cook that will be both tasty while also helping you to stay in balance?  I pondered his question while thinking about how I could best help you to enjoy greater balance this Autumn. The answer was to provide [...]

Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

By |2018-12-17T11:16:12+00:00December 13th, 2018|Detox, Digestion, Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes, Weightloss, Winter|

The Winter solstice on 22nd December is nearly here signalling the start of Winter. Over the next 3-4 weeks nature guides us to be aware of Ritu Sandhi - the cleansing gap between two seasons. Autumn seems to have flown by! With this change of season comes a special opportunity to move with the rhythms of nature in order to enjoy a healthy and happy winter season ahead. Here’s what you can do.

What oils are best to cook with?

By |2017-09-05T13:51:42+01:00January 20th, 2017|Digestion, Food, Heart, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Oils, Recipes|

I run courses on Maharishi AyurVeda, food and cooking and one frequently asked question is, “What’s the best oil to cook with?”. I respond that my favourite cooking oils are ghee, coconut oil and olive oil*, in that order. There is no controversy surrounding olive oil – after all, haven’t there been lots of TV ads implying that perpetual youth and vitality are almost guaranteed through consuming it? [...]

Kapha Season Bake: Chickpeas, Quinoa, Squash, Greens

By |2017-09-05T13:51:43+01:00December 29th, 2016|Digestion, Kapha, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Maharishi Ayurveda Videos, Recipes, Spices, Spring, Winter|

In the UK, and most of Europe, January signals the start of the Kapha season; the time of year that increases the cold, wet and heavy Kapha qualities in our body. To stay healthy during late winter and spring, balance the influence of Kapha by adjusting your diet. The colour, aroma and taste of this Kapha-reducing meal is warming. Chickpeas are very nutritious but can take time to [...]

The wonders of Ginger: with Recipes and Video

By |2017-11-03T09:28:00+00:00December 7th, 2016|Detox, Digestion, Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Maharishi Ayurveda Videos, Recipes|

Ginger Apple Crisp A tasty and easily digested desert. The recipe requires a 5 inch x 9 inch x 3 inch deep tray. If your own tray is either larger or smaller, proportionally adjust the quantity of each ingredient. 3 medium sized apples, peeled, seeded and chopped Fresh juice of 1 lemon or lime 1 tbsp of finely grated ginger 1 [...]

Tridosha Kitchari: a meal to balance all three doshas

By |2017-11-07T15:34:39+00:00May 20th, 2016|Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes, Spices|

At the heart of Ayurveda’s understanding of the human body is the principle of the three Doshas – Vata (movement), Pitta (transformation) and Kapha (structure).  Although all three Doshas are present in and fundamental to every part of our body, taken as a whole the balance of these Doshas varies from one person to another. This leads to the understanding of different [...]

Golden Turmeric Milk: A delicious drink to improve your health

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00May 27th, 2014|Detox, Food, Recipes|

Once of the main ingredients in this milky drink is turmeric. The primary active component in Turmeric is curcumin, a polyphenol that has over 150 potentially therapeutic properties, which include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Modern science, as quoted in The Answer to Cancer by Hari Sharma MD, has found that curcumin: enhances digestion is more protective of DNA than lipoate, vitamin E or beta carotene (anti-oxidents) stimulates glutathione S-transferase, a detoxifying, [...]

Get Hale by eating Kale (Crisps)

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00May 18th, 2014|Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

When you have the munchies for something crunchy, Kale Crisps may fit the bill. Kale Crisps are a refreshing treat to wake up your taste buds and satisfy your craving for a snack that is both light and crunchy. The secret to this Kale dish is in its preparation. With a little salt and coconut oil, ghee or olive oil for garnish, this alternative to potato crisps offers both satisfaction [...]

Forget about Turmeric – Kalonji or Black Seed is the new miracle spice

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00April 25th, 2014|Food, Recipes, Spices|

Kalonji or Black Seed (Nigella sativa) seems to be taking over the scientific limelight from turmeric. Numerous studies have found it highly effective, and safer than modern drugs, in treating many modern chronic ailments, such as colon cancer, type two diabetes, hypertension, and many more ailments. Kalonji has been shown to carry the following properties: Analgesic (Pain-Killing) Anti-Bacterial Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Ulcer Anti-Cholinergic Anti-Fungal Anti-Hypertensive Antioxidant Antispasmodic Antiviral Bronchodilator Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor (Anti-Diabetic) [...]

Why does Ayurveda love Basmati Rice?

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00April 15th, 2014|Food, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

Cooking basmati rice Place the desired amount of rice in a large bowl, cover it with water and strain out the water – do this at least three times. Place the rice on a medium pan and add 2½ parts of water to 1 part of rice. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat for a light boil. Keep cooking until rice becomes puffy and a small amount of [...]

Fruity Mung Dal

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00March 23rd, 2014|Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

Mung dal is considered to be the best of all dals by Ayurveda and is said to balance all three Doshas. It is also nutritious and easy to digest. Mung beans are small and green, and can be found in any health food shop and many supermarkets. Mung beans are fine to use in the following recipe, though, because of their skins, they are not as balancing as mung dal. [...]

Calm and warm yourself with some Vata Chai

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00March 14th, 2014|Autumn, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes, Winter|

Chai is a warm and soothing beverage, usually made with spices, herbs and milk. In Ayurveda chai is considered a rasayana, a beverage or herbal concoction that strengthens the whole physiology. In present day India chai is made using black tea, which is a useful stimulant if you have a sluggish physiology.  Yet, if your Vata has been put out of balance by cold weather,  the caffeine contained in black tea [...]

Drink some Chai to open up your Shrotas

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00March 3rd, 2014|Detox, Digestion, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

Our body is full of spaces according to Ayurveda. These spaces, called Shrotas, are the channels through which nourishment and energy are delivered to our cells and though which toxic waste is eliminated. During the winter the cold makes our Shrotas shrink and this can lead to poor absorption of nutrients and poor elimination of poisonous toxins. This is a good time to help keep your body channels as open [...]

Making Panir (Fresh Indian Cheese)

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00February 13th, 2014|Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

Cheese is highly nutritious, but most shop-bought cheese heavy to digest. Panir is a fresh cheese that is lighter on the digestion. Ingredients 2 litres whole organic milk 1 lemon or lime A large pan Fine muslin cloth Recipe Pour the milk into a large pan and bring to boiling point – stir with a wooden spoon so that the milk does not stick to the bottom of the pan. [...]

Warming Winter, Creamy Carrot & Spinach Soup

By |2017-09-05T13:50:33+01:00February 13th, 2014|Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

On a cold winter day, what you need is a nice warming soup. The following soup is easy to make, easy to digest and nutritious - perfect for the light evening meal. Creamy Carrot and Spinach Soup (for 2 people) Ingredients 2 medium sized carrots, washed and chopped 200g fresh spinach or other greens, washed and chopped 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp coriander seeds 1/2 tsp cardamom powder 1/4 [...]

How to make Lassi

By |2017-09-05T13:50:34+01:00December 7th, 2013|Digestion, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

Ayurveda considers yoghurt (referred to as curds in Ayurvedic texts) to be one of the most nourishing and health-promoting of foods and this pro-biotic food is especially good for your digestive tract. Yoghurt is predominantly sweet and sour, and is heavy in nature. It therefore tends to increase Kapha Dosha (the element of the body that gives us strength and structure). Like many nourishing foods, eaten at the wrong time, or in [...]

How to make your own Chapatis

By |2017-09-05T13:50:34+01:00November 20th, 2013|Digestion, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Recipes|

For 3-4 chapatis In the West, bread has gone from being a nourishing food to being a problem for our health. Many people have digestive problems due to the strain of wheat that is universally used to make most modern breads. Digestive problems are caused by the quick acting yeast used in almost all bread making. Most bread you find in shops contains a host of unnatural ingredients. Even when [...]