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Summer Sale! buy 4 for the price of 3 and get the cheapest item freeSummer Sale

Buy 4 for the price of 3


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Take the Ayurveda Dosha Quiz and find out more about yourselfDosha Quiz

Know your body...
Know your health


  • in your free report:
  • your Dosha balance
  • Ayurveda tips for YOUR balance
  • Ayurveda recipes for YOUR Dosha


Find out more about yourself


Get a free personalised PDF report on your Doshas

Triphala Rose - Supports elimination, digestion and detoxTriphala Rose

Supports elimination, digestion and detox


  • balances elimination
  • cleanses toxins
  • supports digestion and Overall well-being

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"I feel lighter in the stomach, not so bloated after meals. Triphala has helped my digestion." JP London.

Prostate Balance Tablets - Cleanses and nourishes the prostate Prostate Balance

Cleanses and nourishes the prostate


  • favour lifestyle
  • take regular exercise
  • maintain your prostate health

Buy Prostate Balance

Prostate balance gives nutritional support and is recommended to be taken for six to twelve consecutive weeks per year.

Peace of Mind - supports natural calmness, focus and decisivenessPeace of Mind

Supports natural calmness, focus and decisiveness


  • restores natural balance
  • authentic herbal formula
  • safe for regular use
  • guaranteed highest quality

Peace of Mind helps you maintain a calm mind without loosing the alertness and focus you need.

Buy Peace of Mind

Don't let day-to-day stress get the better of you!

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