woman and man practising pranayama

An Early Day Motion has been tabled in the UK Parliament calling for Yoga on the NHS – please encourage your MP to support it.

An Early Day Motion  has been tabled by Virendra Sharma MP for Ealing Southall on International Yoga Day urging the introduction of Yoga into the National Health Service.

To support this Early Day Motion, write to your local MP.

  1. Find out who your MP is – using the link: www.parliament.uk
  2. Send an email asking your MP to support the Early Day Motion. Following is a draft for you to amend as appropriate:

Dear ……………………….

I am writing as one of your constituents, to ask you if you would support the following Early Day Motion which has been tabled by Virendra Sharma MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Traditional Indian Sciences:

Early Day Motion 27

Session: 2017-19
Date tabled: 21.06.2017

Primary sponsor: Sharma, Virendra
Sponsors: Shannon, Jim

That this House recognises the 3rd International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2017 adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015; notes that medical research has shown yoga has proven health benefits for a wide range of physical and mental problems; accepts that yoga is a means of maintaining good health outside of health services and offers a sustainable means for people and patients to care for themselves; further recognises that yoga empowers patients and restores them as agents of their own health and healing; and urges the consideration of yoga to be included as part of prevention and well-being initiatives for NHS staff and for yoga to be integrated within treatment for NHS patients.

(You may wish to include a personal angle e.g. I have been practising Yoga for many years and found it very beneficial for my personal health. In addition, the full meaning of Yoga needs to be more widely appreciated in order to understand its profound and lasting effects. The wide ranging benefits of the practice of Transcendental Meditation, a key aspect of Yoga, has been evidenced by more than 600 scientific research studies to produce significant health improvements, not to mention enhanced performance, better relationships, and more positive trends in society as a whole.)

Yours sincerely

Name ………………………………
Address ……………………………