Guggul – The Wonder Herbal

Bundi Palace Painting From Rajasthan, India
Bundi Palace Painting From Rajasthan, India

Guggul has been in use since 600 BC or earlier. One could say it has stood the test of time!

It is a resin of Commiphora wightii which is known in English as Indian Bdellium. This perennial tree or shrub grows to a height of 1.2-1.8m high in the rocky tracts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The resin is collected during winter season by making an incision in the bark or in summer season when it falls from the bark itself.

Traditionally it is defined as “one that protects against diseases” as it helps to balance all three doshas; with a particularly balancing effect on Kapha and Vata.

How Guggul Acts

Ancient texts state that Guggul has many actions including:

  • cleanses impurities or ama from tissues where it has accumulated,
  • helps to regulate fat metabolism,
  • supports blood circulation and cardiovascular health,
  • supports thyroid function,
  • vedanasthapana (analgesic effect) and shothahara (anti-inflamatory) and tonic.

It is always great to see traditional claims being supported and elucidated by modern research

Guggul formulations are used to help:

• reduce weight gain,
• help to keep cholesterol and triglycerides in balance,
• support cardiovascular function,
• help keep joints and muscles pain free.
• reduce occurrence of DOMS from vigorous exercise.
• strengthen digestion,
• enhance libido,
• strengthen resistance to disease.
• maintain healthy skin,
• help to keep thyroid function in balance,
• act as a tonic, giving energy and better digestion to people 55+ years.
• reduce impurities or to detox.

Guggul tree

Healthy Fat Metabolism and Thyroid Function

Guggul helps the body process fats more effectively by reducing oxidation of fats. In one study of 205 patients Guggul was shown to lower triglycerides by an average of 22.6% and serum cholesterol by an average of 23.6%. At the same time it raises level of the good cholesterol. www.globinmed

Cholesterol Balance (MA1881) supports healthy digestion and metabolism of fats. It helps to promote a good balance between HDL (healthy) and LDL (unhealthy) lipoproteins.
Guggul Mountain Ebony Complex (MA3697) helps to keep thyroid activity in balance.

Joint and Muscle Comfort

When impurities accumulate in muscles and joints this can lead to inflammation and pain. Over time degenerative disorders such as arthritis or rheumatism can arise. Or you may experience DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness – from pushing your body into strenuous exercise at the gym, at home or outside in nature, In these circumstances Guggul can help. Its cleansing and quick acting anti-inflammatory effects help to keep joints and muscles supple and pain free. It also helps prevent headache,

  • Joint Soothe (MA 4572) is traditionally said to ‘scrape out ama’ thereby helping the body be supple and pain free.

My clients report that they experience results quite quickly.

Wonderful herbal to make part of your wellbeing regimen
Wonderful herbals to make part of your wellbeing regimen.

A Favoured Tonic

Guggul is also considered to be one of the most important tonics in Ayurveda. It helps prevent low energy, falling sick easily, low libido or finding your digestion is weak.

There is a tendency particularly for people 55+ years to experience slower digestion, more aches and pains and lower energy.

Meda (MA 631) helps to increase and support stamina, longevity, digestion and fat metabolism. This combination of Guggul along with Shilajit helps to nourish all the tissues in the body.

Guggul is a friend to health and longevity. It is a wonderful herbal to make part of your wellbeing regimen. When combined in traditional formulae and used as recommended it is very safe but during pregnancy it should be used with care – long term use of not more than 500mg/day.

Wishing you the bliss of balance.

Linda Sinden, Maharishi AyurVeda Consultant.

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our health articles.

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