using a neti pot

Just like any other part of your body, your nasal passages and sinuses should be regularly cleaned, according to Ayurveda. Regular cleansing, using Ayurvedic nasal techniques called Nasya, will help remove accumulated impurities, maintain your immune system and balance the Doshas in the head region.

Since we get the majority of our external Prana (life-force) though our breathing, clean sinuses will also help increase the flow of Prana directly into the brain, making your mind more sharp, coherent and clear.

For a complete and thorough cleanse, come to our Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre ( and receive Nasya treatment from trained therapists.

You can also cleanse your sinuses on a regular basis using a Neti Pot, like the chap in the photo.

Neti pots can be easily found online and using warm, salt water is the simplest medium to use when cleansing your nasal passages.

Home Nasya cleansing is best done first thing in the morning, over a sink.

  • Fill the neti pot up with warm water
  • Add about ¼ tsp of sea or rock salt and gently stir to dissolve the salt
  • Place the neti pot spout firmly into the left nostril and tilt your head to the right (over the sink)
  • The water should flow freely into the left nostril and then out of the right nostril
  • Once all the water is used up, repeat the same process starting with the other nostril
  • Once both sides have been flushed, gently blow each nostril into a tissue to expel excess water
  • If both nostrils are blocked, it may be difficult to use the neti pot – you should wait until your nostrils are clear before attempting this
  • Practice will make perfect and this process will become quick and easy to do.

If the water is too salty you might experience a stinging sensation in your sinuses. Even without salt, some people may experience a stinging sensation. This may be due to chlorine in the water and is a good reason to used filtered or bottled water. It may also be a temporary sensation that disappears as you get used to the Nasya process.

Some people find that water is too astringent for their sinuses and they never become comfortable using water for nasal cleansing. A good alternative is to use a small amount of sesame oil or ghee.

  • Using your finger, placing sesame oil or ghee inside your nostrils
  • Then massage in the oil.
  • After a little massaging in each nostril, sniff the oil up into your sinuses and spit the results out from your mouth.