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Heart Health

Ayurveda sees the heart as more than just a pump. It also views the heart as the seat of our emotional life. Mental and emotional stress can disrupt the heart, just as much as physical strain or poor food choices.

Maharishi AyurVeda has a number of preparations that promote heart health both on the physical and the emotional levels.

By aiding healthy digestion and by balancing fat metabolism, some Maharishi AyurVeda preparations help maintain normal and clear arterial walls. Others balance the three subdoshas within the heart that govern: emotional balance, stability, strength, and sense of security; as well as blood flow and regular heartbeat.

Heart Health

Heart Health

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  1. Blood Pressure Balance (MA1779) 60g

    Blood Pressure Balance (MA1779) 60g

    60 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaBlood Pressure Balance

    Helps support heart function and maintain normal blood pressure

    Poor diet, an unbalanced lifestyle, lack of exercise and stress can result in high blood pressure which can lead to stoke and heart disease.

    Ayurveda sees the heart as the seat of Ojas, the substance that maintains health and promotes bliss and longevity. Cardio Support increases Ojas by providing targeted nutrition. This helps maintain normal and clear arterial walls, by aiding healthy digestion and by balancing fat metabolism.

    Boerhavia, Jatamansi, Indian Frankincense and Arjuna, help reduce stress and balance blood pressure. Finally, it supports the blood, muscles and heart functioning, to help keep your heart healthy as you age.

    Supports your heart health as you age

    • nourishes and nurtures your heart
    • helps strengthen the heart for emotional challenges
    • fortifies multi levels of the heart muscle
    • helps cleanse the cardiovascular channels and assists blood flow
    • enhances natural resistance to stress


    60 tablets 60g, 30 days supply.

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  2. Cardio Support (MA1816)

    Cardio Support (MA1816)

    30 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaCardio Support

    Supports the health of the heart - As we age, the risk of suffering a heart attack increases

    Cardio Support reduces the wear and tear that life imposes on the heart by nourishing ojas. Ayurveda considers ojas the most subtle and precious product of digestion and central to happiness, vitality and longevity.

    The Ayurvedic texts say that ojas is located in the heart and when it is nourished, ojas supports and strengthens the heart. Cardio Support also balances the three subdoshas that govern the health of the heart:

    • Sadhaka (emotional balance)
    • Avalumbaka (stability, strength, and sense of security)
    • Vyana (blood flow, heart beat)

    These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.


    60 tablets (30g) 30 days supply.

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  3. Perfect Blood Pressure Naturally

    Perfect Blood Pressure Naturally

    1 pc

    TarcherPerigee - Penguin Group USAPerfect Blood Pressure Naturally

    Reduce Drug Intake - Improve Your Well-Being - Enhance Your Life

    By Dr David Lovell-Smith FRNZCGP

    Dr. David Lovell-Smith has successfully treated hundreds of people with hypertension by combining the practice of Transcendental Meditation with the techniques of Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health. This book will show you how to protect yourself by creating perfect blood pressure naturally and avoiding the devastating effects of a stroke or worse.


    Softcover, 228 pages - Published Date: July 2010

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