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For Men

On average men have a shorter lifespan than women and, as they grow older, are more at risk from serious illness. This can be due to stress, overwork, or lack of attention in maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Maharishi AyurVeda has a number of supplements that are particularly helpful for the male physiology.

Our Vital Man tablets are especially formulated for men who are physically and mentally active. Prostate Balance balances testosterone levels, supports vitality, promotes healthy prostate size and function, purifies the urinary tract, and supports the body's immune system.

Rasayanas are tonics that help revitalise the body and are considered the most precious and powerful of all Ayurvedic preparations. We have a one Rasayana that is particularly formulated for men and another that is particularly recommended for improving vigour and fertility.

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For Men

For Men

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  1. Chyavanprash (Amla Jam) 500g

    Chyavanprash (Amla Jam) 450g

    450g Jar

    Amla NaturChyavanprash (Amla Jam)

    Chyavanprash: India’s most popular herbal tonic

    Chyavanprash, sometimes called “the elixir of life”, is the most popular Rasayana (health tonic) in India. Millions of teaspoons of Chyavanprash are consumed each day because of its revered restorative powers.

    Our Chyavanprash from Amla Natur is an ancient ayurvedic formula exclusively prepared and manufactured by a small traditional ayurvedic factory in India.

    The famed Amla fruit is its main ingredient and Amla Natur’s own workers pick the Amla, as well as the majority of the spices and herbs gathered in the extensive forests of Gujarat.

    The sugar used in this Chyavanprash formula is especially prepared according to Ayurvedic procedures and is known as Sharkara.

    Every step of the preparation of this most famous of all Rasayanas is made under the careful supervision of an Ayurvedic expert.

     Best Seller 


    500g Jar

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  2. Maharishi AyurVeda Chyavanprash 450g

    Chyavanprash (Maharishi AyurVeda) 450g

    450 Jar

    Maharishi AyurvedaOriginal Maharishi AyurVeda Chyavanprash

    This traditional Ayurvedic product, manufactured according to original recipe from the classical Ayurvedic texts, contains only fully ripe Amalaki fruit, the precious bamboo product Vanshlochan and a large number of high quality natural herbs, fruits, roots and spices, all very carefully harvested in the best and most authentic Himalayan regions and other parts of India.

    One of the main ingredients of this marvellous and ancient recipe is Amalaki. The fruit of the Amalaki tree contains high levels of Vitamin C and balances all three doshas. It includes five flavours (all except salty).  In the classical Ayurvedic texts Amalaki is one of the most highly valued and important Rasayanas (life-elixirs) boasted by Ayurveda, with a rare combination of positive properties. In the authentic Ayurvedic writings Amalaki is even described as a ‘divine healing plant’.

    Our original Maharishi AyurVeda Chyavanprash includes many other valuable ingredients, for example ‘Dashmool’, whose exotic name indicates a valuable combination of ten Ayurvedic roots. Dashmool soothes all three doshas, but especially Vata. This exceptional recipe includes the famous Indian long pepper, ‘Pippali’, ‘Shatavari’, the wild Indian asparagus (whose consumption Ayurveda traditionally recommends especially for women), the delightful Vata-pacifying ‘Ashwagandha’ (Winter cherry, known as ‘Indian ginseng’) and a large number of other unique ingredients.

     Best Seller 


    450g in a glass jar.

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  3. MA3323 Ash Gourd/Amla paste

    MA3323 Ash Gourd/Amla paste

    600 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaMA3323 Ash Gourd/Amla paste

    This preparation is useful when Pitta, the fire element in your body, is out of balance.

    Ash Gourd is a cooling purgative herb, useful for gastritis problems and a good detoxifying agent. It is also useful for prostate problems, particularly prostate enlargement. Amla contains a very high concentration of vitamin C, one of the highest known in the plant kingdom and 20 times that of oranges.

    Amla balances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, though it is especially calming to Pitta. In addition, Amla rejuvenates all of the tissues in the body and builds ojas, the essence of immunity and youthfulness.

    As prescribed by your practitioner

    We have a wide selection of herbal and mineral supplements that Maharishi AyurVeda practitioners prescribe for specific individuals. If you have had a consultation from one of our practitioners, and wish to know why MA3323 Ash Gourd/Amla paste has been recommended, please discuss this with your practitioner.

    These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.



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  4. AyurMultimineral


    30 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaAyurMultimineral

    Ayurvedically Prepared Minerals

    With Herbs that Support Absorption

    A special combination of Ayurvedically prepared minerals – calcium, iron and zinc – together with herbs that support the absorption of these minerals.


    60 tablets; 30g

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  5. Vital Man (MA924)

    Vital Man (MA924)

    60 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaVital Man

    For Vitality, Strength and Energy - Strengthen five key areas for greater energy and vitality

    Does a stressful routine leave you feeling worn out? By the end of the day, are you ready to collapse in front of the television? You actually have the innate ability to feel energetic and full of life all the time. This revitalizing formula helps balance, integrate and normalize the functioning of the whole body. It has County Mallow and other herbs that help the body to quickly replace dead cells with new ones for greater energy.

    The intelligence of the twenty-one herbs in Vital Man create synergy to help strengthen five crucial functions of a man's physiology:

    • Mental performance
    • The heart and emotions
    • Purity of the blood
    • Digestion
    • Fluid balance

    This herbal compound is easy to assimilate and supports the natural resistance of the body to a stressful routine and environment. Men of all ages can experience the benefits of Vital Man.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India:Download Catalogue


    60 tablets; 60g, 30 days supply.

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  6. Prostate Balance (MA1595)

    Prostate Balance (MA1595)

    30 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaProstate Balance

    Prostate problems become a growing issue with men who are approaching middle age

    Prostate Balance is designed to deliver nutritional support over a broader range of targeted areas than ordinary prostate supplements. It balances testosterone levels, supports vitality, promotes healthy prostate size and function, purifies the urinary tract, and supports the body's immune system. This blend of ayurvedic ingredients offers a natural, holistic approach to prostate health.

    Download your health guide:Maharishi AyurVeda's Approach to Prostate Health


    Contents 60 tablets; 30g (15-30 days supply).

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  7. Rasayana for Men (MA631)

    Rasayana for Men (MA631)

    30 g

    Out of stock

    Maharishi AyurvedaRasayana for Men

    Rasayana for Men is a herbal powerhouse designed to increase strength, energy, and vitality

    Ayurveda rasayanas are considered the primary method for maintaining health and vigour - herbal remedies used to maintain optimal health.

    Rasayanas are ayurvedic rejuvenators and this formulation has been shown to slow cellular ageing. Its strong antioxidant properties protect against free radical damage. While nourishing the whole body, it specifically rejuvenates blood, muscle, bone, and reproductive tissue. It has a dual action of detoxifying the body and helping in the assimilation of vital nutrients.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India:  Download Catalogue


    60 tablets; 30g, 15-30 days supply.

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