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The making of a herbal masterpiece - what are Rasayanas?

In Ayurveda, the term Rasayana is given to anything that enlivens and extends life. Rasayanas are holistic in nature and tend to promote vitality, balance and health throughout the whole mind/body system.

The word itself means to enliven (Ayana) the essence (Rasa) of life. Certain daily routines promote a Rasayana effect, such as going to bed early and getting up early. Certain foods, such as ghee and sweet fruits, are said to be natural Rasayanas.

Over thousands of years Ayurveda has developed a whole science for the creation of Rasayanas using specific and highly detailed formulations that include herbs and minerals. Such Ayurvedic Rasayanas are exceptionally potent and are designed to enliven the innermost intelligence, not only of the body, but also of the mind.

Using this science of Ayurvedic Rasayanas, and carefully following all of the traditional processes, Maharishi AyurVeda experts in India have create a series of Rasayanas, which produce a deep yet gentle and balancing effect on the whole psychophysiology.

Maharishi Ayurveda Rasayanas


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  1. MA4 MAK Nectar Paste

    MAK Nectar Paste (MA4)


    Maharishi AyurvedaMaharishi Amrit Kalash

    Nectar Paste (MA4)

    MAK Nectar paste is an Ayurvedic Rasayana, designed to nourish all the major body systems. It enlivens the body's intelligence and is a full spectrum super-antioxidant. Using an age-old formula, numerous herbal ingredients are combined synergistically in hundreds of meticulous steps to create an authentic product of unparalleled quality. The result is a herbal masterpiece that protects and brings vitality and strength to mind and body.

    Take with Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar Tablets (MA5).


    600 grams or about 30 days supply.

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  2. MA5 MAK Ambrosia tablets

    MAK Ambrosia Tablets (MA5)


    Maharishi AyurvedaMaharishi Amrit Kalash

    Ambrosia Tablets (MA5)

    MAK Ambrosia is one of Ayurveda's most powerful rasayanas (rejuvenators), promoting vitality and strength in both mind and body. 13 whole rare herbs and fruits are combined in precise proportions to creating a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts.

    It has been designed to promote the optimum functioning of mind, brain and nerves. MAK Ambrosia boosts mental potential and enhances three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall of information. This all-natural, pesticide-free blend is said to promote Ojas, the finest body tissue and traditionally seen as central to long life and perfect health.

    Take with Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar Paste (MA4)


    Contents 60 tablets 30g or about 30 days supply.

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  3. MA7 MAK Nectar tablets

    MAK Nectar Tablets (MA7)


    Maharishi AyurVedaAmrit Nectar Tablets (MA7)

    Helps Promote the Highest Quality Health

    Food Supplement made from Plants

    Nourishes all the major body system, supports the health of all tissues and keeps the shrotas (channels through which the controlling intelligence of the body circulates) clean and open.

    Best when taken with Amrit Ambrosia tablets (MA5).


    60 Tablets of 1000mg Each.

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  4. Rasayana for Men (MA631)

    Rasayana for Men (MA631)

    30 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaRasayana for Men

    Rasayana for Men is a herbal powerhouse designed to increase strength, energy, and vitality

    Ayurveda rasayanas are considered the primary method for maintaining health and vigour - herbal remedies used to maintain optimal health.

    Rasayanas are ayurvedic rejuvenators and this formulation has been shown to slow cellular ageing. Its strong antioxidant properties protect against free radical damage. While nourishing the whole body, it specifically rejuvenates blood, muscle, bone, and reproductive tissue. It has a dual action of detoxifying the body and helping in the assimilation of vital nutrients.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India:  Download Catalogue


    60 tablets; 30g, 15-30 days supply.

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  5. Vital Man (MA924)

    Vital Man (MA924)

    60 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaVital Man

    For Vitality, Strength and Energy - Strengthen five key areas for greater energy and vitality

    Does a stressful routine leave you feeling worn out? By the end of the day, are you ready to collapse in front of the television? You actually have the innate ability to feel energetic and full of life all the time. This revitalizing formula helps balance, integrate and normalize the functioning of the whole body. It has County Mallow and other herbs that help the body to quickly replace dead cells with new ones for greater energy.

    The intelligence of the twenty-one herbs in Vital Man create synergy to help strengthen five crucial functions of a man's physiology:

    • Mental performance
    • The heart and emotions
    • Purity of the blood
    • Digestion
    • Fluid balance

    This herbal compound is easy to assimilate and supports the natural resistance of the body to a stressful routine and environment. Men of all ages can experience the benefits of Vital Man.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India:Download Catalogue


    60 tablets; 60g, 30 days supply.

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  6. Rasayana for Energy (MA1403)

    Rasayana for Energy (MA1403)

    60 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaRasayana for Energy

    Open the Gates to Unlimited Energy

    Ayurveda rasayanas are considered the primary method for maintaining health and vigour - herbal remedies used to maintain optimal health.

    Your circulation goes beyond veins and arteries to minute channels that supply nutrients for all the billions of cells in your body. To maintain good energy levels it is important to keep these channels clear. Rasayana for Energy combines 18 herbs and minerals that have a rejuvenating effect by helping to replace old cells with energetic new ones and by helping to keep the bodily channels clear.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India:Download Catalogue


    Tablets 60g.

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  7. Vital Woman - MA5923

    Vital Woman (MA5923)

    30 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaVital Woman

    For vitality and balance under stress - Generate more energy - naturally

    The demands of an active lifestyle can make it difficult to keep going, let alone excel. But don't sell yourself short. This dynamic herbal formula can help you surpass your expectations and realize your personal best. The 25 Ayurvedic herbs including Red Saunders, Lodha Tree and Ashoka Tree work synergistically for more vitality, inner strength, stability and balance in mind and body. For women of all ages.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India: Download Catalogue


    60 tablets, 30 grams.

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  8. Organic Genitrac (MA7002)

    Organic Genitrac (MA7002)

    50 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaOrganic Genitrac Tablets (MA7002)

    Supports Normal Function of the Genito-Urinary System and Energy Levels

    If the urinary tract isn't functioning properly, toxins can accumulate and allow infections to spring up. Genitrac supports the entire genitourinary tract and digestion, assimilation and metabolism. Because Genitrac helps move vital nutrients quickly to cells and organs, it also helps nourish the body's tissues - reproductive tissue, nutrient plasma, blood cells, muscle and fat tissue.

    • 100% organic ingredients
    • dual function: detox accumulated toxins & restore balance to kidneys, ureters, bladder & urethra
    • boosts digestion to avoid digestive toxins
    • support for occasional issues with frequency & urgency of urination
    • effective formula with pedalium, amla & indian tinospora
    • vata, pitta, kapha balancing

    Bio Quality logoContents


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  9. Rasayana for Women (MA3347)

    Rasayana for Women (MA3347)

    30 g

    Maharishi AyurvedaRasayana for Women

    Rasayanas are considered the most precious and powerful of all Ayurvedic preparations

    Instead of targeting specific conditions, Rasayanas are designed to stimulate the intelligence that underlies both body and mind, and which controls each cell. Our cells are constantly being replaced, but this process deteriorates with age.

    Rasayana for Women supports cellular regeneration, which slows biological and psychological ageing and helps restore a youthful glow. The benefits grow and accumulate over time.

    This formula is especially helpful during the years before menopause. It supports the blood, bones, and bone marrow, which have to be replenished constantly for an easy, natural menstrual cycle.

    Rasayanas, Herbal masterpieces of Vedic India: Download Catalogue


    60 tablets; 30g - 30 days supply.

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