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Chyavanprash: India’s most popular herbal tonic

Chyavanprash "the elixir of life”

Is the most popular Rasayana (health tonic) in India. Millions of teaspoons of Chyavanprash are consumed each day because of its revered restorative powers.

In the ancient epic called the Mahabharata, is a fabulous story of the rejuvenation of the elderly Vedic seer, Chyavana and of the origins of Chyavanprash.

The ant-hill Rishi

From birth Chyavana was said to be physically weak, but he had a strong spiritual drive that lead him to devote many years of his life to prolonged meditation practices. One such practice lasted so long that a mound of earth formed over him, on which ants crawled about. To all appearances, Chyavana appeared like an anthill.

One day, a powerful King called Saryati came with his retinue to a lake near to where Chyavana was meditating. King Saryati’s beautiful young daughter Sukanya, romping about the forest with her playmates and discovered the anthill, in which only the two eyes of the ascetic were visible. To the girl, the eyes appeared like glow-worms. Out of curiosity she stuck the two shining things with a thorn and mistakenly blinded the ascetic.


A Rishi's curse

The sudden pain this produced, brought Chyavana Rishi abruptly out of his meditation and he became filled with anger. The saint cursed the army of Saryati and all the king’s men became filled with physical distress. For a long time the king sought the cause of this misfortune, and when he finally discovered the offence his daughter had committed, he immediately went to Chyavana to obtain his forgiveness.

Chyavana said that he would only become reconciled if the king gave him his daughter as a wife. So the young Saryati married this frail old man.

Despite the drastic change in circumstances, from a life of wealth and privilege, where servants took care of her every need, to a life of poverty, taking care of the needs of a venerated, yet old man, Saryati became reconciled to her fate.

Test of a good wife

One day the two Aswins (twin physicians to the gods) saw the young wife as she stepped out of her morning bath in the lake. Even though she had become emaciated through her new life of hard work and deprivation, Saryati was still a remarkably beautiful woman. Struck with her beauty, the twins tried to persuade Saryati to choose one of them as her husband, instead of the ugly old Chyavana. Saryati, however, vowed that she would remain faithful to her husband.

Vedic Seer Chyavana

When the two physicians realised they could not change her resolve, they offered Saryati a boon for her faithfulness. She asked the twins to restore her husband’s youth.

Restoring youthfulness

The twins first bathed the aged Chyavana in a pond, which they infused with specific herbs. Next, herbal pastes were applied to his body. Finally, they prepared the Rasayana now known as Chyavanprash for the rishi to ingest. The result was that Chyavana gained a renewed, rejuvenated and vigorous body. Even his sight was restored.

Chyavana devoted the rest of his life to the study and practice of Ayurveda with a view to helping restore health and youthfulness to humanity. Today he is famous for the herbal remedy Chyavanprash, which was named after him and which went on to become the foremost of all Rasayanas.

Chyavanprash the foremost of all Rasayanas

Rasayanas start by working on Rasa

Rasa is the first Dhatu or tissue created from the food we eat. It is the pure nutrient juice that results from the first process of digestion. This original Rasa gets successively transformed into all our other body tissues. The power of Rasayanas lies in their ability to create superior Rasa and this has the knock-on effect of improving every resulting tissue and therefore every aspect of our body.

Numerous herbs and minerals are used in preparing Rasayanas formulas. Through their enlightened insight or “seership”, the great rishis of Ayurveda created highly detailed processes to release the intelligence inherent within those herbs and minerals. These formulas, so full of lively intelligence, help to restore the intelligence within our cells and tissues. When intelligence is lively in our body, lack of intelligence, in the form of toxins or imbalances, finds it hard to maintain its hold, or get established in the first place.

In Ayurvedic literature, Rasayana, such as Maharishi Amrit Kalash and Chyavanprash, are considered beneficial whatever one’s state of health. They are especially useful as we grow older and our ability to obtain adequate nutrition and maintain vigorous functioning declines.

Charaka on Rasayanas

Charaka Samhita, one of the most authoritative of all Ayurvedic texts says,

from Rasayana one obtains long life, memory, comprehension, health, youth, brightness, complexion, excellent voice, great strength of body and senses, power of making speech true, respect from others, and comeliness of features.

According to the ancient texts, Rasayana are also said to remove drowsiness and fatigue, preserve the balance of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), and prevent flabbiness.

Charaka on Chyavanprash

Of the Chyavanprash Rasayana, Charaka Samhita says,

it is especially good for supporting respiratory health; it nourishes the weak, the wounded, the old, and those that are of tender years as well.

Through the use of this Rasayana,

a person acquires intelligence, memory, comeliness of body, freedom from disease, longevity, strength of the senses, great pleasure in the companionship with women, great increase in the strength of the digestive fire, improvement of the complexion, and the restoration of wind to its normal course.

Chyavanprash Collection

Chyavanprash Amalaki fruit puree

Amla NaturThe Chyavanprash from Amla Natur is an ancient ayurvedic formula exclusively prepared and manufactured by a small traditional ayurvedic factory in India.

The famed Amla fruit is its main ingredient and Amla Natur’s own workers pick the Amla, as well as the majority of the spices and herbs gathered in the extensive forests of Gujarat.

The sugar used in this Chyavanprash formula is especially prepared according to Ayurvedic procedures and is known as Sharkara.

Every step of the preparation of this most famous of all Rasayanas is made under the careful supervision of an Ayurvedic expert.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this document is presented for the sole purpose of imparting education on Maharishi AyurVeda and neither the information nor the products are intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant or lactating, please consult a health professional and it is recommended that you speak with your physician before making significant changes to your diet or routine.

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