Peter Brown: Hello Walter, you’ve had treatment a number of times during your life – how did you first hear about Ayurveda?

Walter Reid: It was when I learnt to do TM, which was about 15 years ago, but I had been doing other forms of meditation before that. I was intrigued by it and benefitted from it tremendously over the years from doing it. So I do an annual Panchakarma, and here in Skelmersdale is a wonderful place to do it. You’ve got wonderful technicians and a lovely clinic.

Peter: What were the benefits you noticed when you had your first treatment?

Walter: I think rejuvenating and detoxifying – what is claimed is what happens. You feel lighter and it lasts for months. After 3 or 4 months I know I’ve done my Panchakarma.

Peter: Are there any specific things that were troubling you that you found were helped?

Walter: I lead a fairly active and stressful life and I meditate which is great, so it’s really a supplement to what I do regularly and I regard it as an annual boost to health and just well-being and feeling well.

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