Vishesh consists of a deep-tissue massage given with some extra pressure. At the same time as it profoundly relaxes your muscles, it also powerfully stimulants circulation within the tissues. This invigorating massage helps remove deep-seated toxins from your whole body.

Following is Patrycja Altynska’s experience of this treatment:

“What a treatment, it was marvellous! I was a little bit late arriving at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre, and the two therapists were already waiting for me in the treatment room. As I rushed in, it was like entering a different zone and a calm, relaxing and caring atmosphere hit me straight away. I immediately felt ready for a real treat.

“After taking off my cloths, I was seated and wrapped in a white sheet. Then, in silence, my feet were washed. An impression came to me of Jesus washing his disciples feet at the last supper. I thought, “I am in the right place”. I then thought, “this feels very, very humble”.

“I was then asked to put my head back and spread out my hair (although not as long as Repanzule’s, my hair is quite long). I was given a head and face massage with coconut oil, which felt absolutely beautiful. I was then asked to sit forward and my back was massaged. Oh boy it felt fantastic, with two pairs of hands vigorously stroking my back in a perfect harmony. The mere thought of this makes me want it again!

“Wrapped in a warm towel I was then transferred onto the therapy bed where the real fun began.

“During the Vishesh treatment the feeling was warm, oily, rich, strong, deep, caring and humbling all at the same time. An unexpected sensation came, as if I was a new-born again. I felt completely powerless, but gently looked after by mother’s touch and her unconditional love. Then came something I did not expect at all – the two therapist applied what felt like a Chinese burn, on both shoulders. This brought me out of my languid state and seemed to revive and revitalise me.

“A full body massage is part of Vishesh treatment and it felt absolutely amazing. Only after the ladies finished and left me to rest, wrapped up as a cocoon in warm sheets and towels, did I begin to feel the treatment’s true power and benefits.

“I could have stayed in that restful yet energised state forever, but eventually I had to get up and get on with the rest of my day. When I finally came out of the clinic, I felt like a caterpillar that had turn into a butterfly and I found myself easily gliding through the rest of the day.”

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