Peter Brown: So Sylvia, When did you have your first Panchakarma treatment?

Silvia Nash: It must have been 20 years ago.

Peter: And why did you come along?

Silvia: I had heard that Panchakarma was a way to accelerate my evolutionary development, my spiritual awareness through the physical side of Transcendental Meditation.

Peter: What were its effects?

Silvia: The effects are quite difficult to quantify. There were some there were very definite and some that were more subtle. I immediately felt better in body and more clarity in mind. My Transcendental Meditation programme improved. The more subtle ones were that over time I felt that my body became easier and less troubled by diseases of any kind, like colds – I get fewer colder, fewer headaches, things like.

Peter: How many times have you had it since then?

Silvia: Generally I’ve had it once a year and I really look forward to that. It gives me a big boost for the year ahead. Occasionally I’ve had it twice a year and that was ver more beneficial, but of course one has to consider the financial side of things and also time-constraints. Sone once a year suits me very well.

Peter: You’ve had a treatment recently, and you’ve just finished, how long was that for?

Silvia: Five days.

Peter: How are you feeling at the moment?

Silvia: Oh I’m feeling brilliant at the moment. I’m feeling very clean inside, as if any toxins have been expelled from my system. I’m feeling quite light.

Peter: Do you usually feel this for some time after your treatment?

Silvia: Absolutely. The unfortunately I then sometimes get into a few bad habits, like bad diet, then I start looking forward to my next one.

Peter: It’s like you’re correcting all the imbalances you’ve collected from the previous months.

Silvia: That’s exactly it and I think at the same time you are also progressing further in your internal cleanliness of your body.

Peter: So you’ve felt over the years, you’ve become more balanced?

Silvia: Absolutely, that’s a very good word for it.