Sore Throat Advice from Maharishi AyurVeda Practitioner, Dr Charlotte Bech M.D.

A sore throat is usually caused by a virus, but sometimes it is caused by bacteria (streptococci). The vast majority (over 90%) recover on their own after one week. Here is all you can do yourself:

  • Drink hot drinks: Hot tea, soup or broth can be soothing, especially potato soup, leek soup, stinging nettle soup or tomato soup with paprika, garlic and ginger.
  • Avoid smoking: Both active and passive smoking should be avoided.
  • Gargling with lukewarm saline (salt water) can relieve sore throats and remove mucus and other deposits.
  • Wear a mask: A bandage makes you breathe hot air.
  • Sleep more: Go to bed earlier and rest in the afternoon after work.
  • Take zinc supplements and zinc-rich foods such as wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, nuts, peas, beans and dates.
  • Be considerate to others. Stay home from work if you become infected, i.e. if you cough, sneeze or brush your nose.
  • Ensure good hand hygiene. Wash your hands before eating.
  • Make sure to keep warm with warm clothing, both outdoors and indoors.

Dr Charlotte Bech M.D.

Dr Charlotte Bech

Dr Charlotte Bech trained in medicine at the University of Copenhagen and worked in gastro-intestinal surgery, haematology, internal medicine / obstetrics and general practice. She has taught medical sciences at the medical school in Copenhagen and is currently running a private clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark, supplementing modern medicine with Ayurveda and has given more than 30,000 ayurvedic consultations in several countries. Dr Bech writes as a columnist in national magazines, is the author of best-selling books on various  Ayurveda health topics and for the last four years has pioneered group health consultations for common conditions, including sleep, weight imbalance, women’s health, stress and digestion.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this document is presented for the sole purpose of imparting education on Maharishi AyurVeda and neither the information nor the products are intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or lactating, please consult a health professional and it is recommended that you speak with your physician before making significant changes to your diet or routine.