During Manjit Sohal’s recently visit to the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Skelmersdale, Peter Brown interviewed him about his experience of Panchakarma Therapy.

Peter: So Manj, how did you get to know about Panchakarma?

Manj: I learned about Panchakarma while I was learning Transcendental Meditation, from my teacher Bernard Bence. He introduced me to Ayurveda and to Panchakarma as well.

Peter: After you first heard about this treatment, how long did it take you to try it out?

Manj: Actually, this is my first ever Panchakarma treatment. From the time I first heard about it, I always intended to come to have this treatment. But my life has been so busy, and it was about finding the right time. So now, five years later, I’ve managed to make my way up to Skelmersdale for four days of treatment.

Peter: How have you been finding the treatment?

Manj: It’s fantastic. You start off with seven days of home treatment and follow a Panchakarma diet. Even at that point I felt different. I felt better and more aware and coming here has been a continuation of that.

During home treatment you have to take it easy and rest a lot. I can’t say I took all the rest I should have taken, but I went by my feelings and I managed to handle my responsibilities and work and still benefited from the treatment. I felt more settled, even the quality of my meditations was better.

Peter: Do you feel in your body right now?

Manj: A few years ago I was more strict with my diet than I have been recently. Starting Panchakarma treatment, and being required to go back to a simpler diet, has reminded me of how good I used to feel in those days. This is giving me a good reason to get back into proper eating habits and I know that those habits are going to stick with me even after my Panchakarma.

Peter: So this is due to the experience of well-being you’re feeling right now?

Manj: The whole programme of Panchakarma has reminding me what good health feels like. It enhances everyday living and even enhances my experience of meditation. I want to be able to maintain that.