We have new video series on Maharishi AyurVeda with Dr Donn Brennan. This is just the beginning and over the next few months many more videos, full of Ayurvedic health wisdom, will be put up on our site.

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DhanvantariIntroductory videos

In some videos Donn introduces basic concepts, such as what is Ayurveda’s approach to health, why Maharishi helped to revive this ancient science, what are the Ayurvedic body-types, how your can recognise your own body-type and how an Ayurvedic consultation can be the ideal start for you to take charge of your own healthcare.
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Agni in the bellyKnowledge videos

For those with a grasp of the basic concepts, there are Ayurveda knowledge videos where Donn goes into the subject more deeply. He talks on Agni and digestion and what happens to your body when it goes wrong. He explains how to correct this and the wonderful effects of perfect digestion. There are videos on men’s health, on improving immunity and on heart health.
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young woman getting panchakarmaPanchakarma videos

The Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Skelmersdale offers a number of different treatments that all come under the umbrella name, Panchakarma. Panchakarma has an incredibly wide range of health applications. Whatever your health condition, there is usually a Panchakarma treatment that will help. In the videos in the Panchakarma treatment section Dr Brennan goes through each treatment and explains its actions and results.
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International AyurVeda Congress LogoInternational AyurVeda Congress videos

We will also have a series of videos from speakers at the forthcoming International AyurVeda Congress to be held in Roemond, Holland on 10-14 April 2015. This will be the largest congress on Ayurveda ever held in Europe to date. In these Skype videos, those who will be speaking at the conference will give us a taste of their chosen topic. There are already a couple of videos in this section  and there will be more to come.