the eternal music of nature Gandharva Veda

Gandharva Veda music is said to be the eternal music of nature. In other words, they are the rhythms and melodies of nature expressed as music.

Listen to these samples

Melody for Peace and Tranquillity. Late Night Melody played 1am-4am – Raga Lalita

If you could hear the changing frequencies present at the first awakening of the dawn, in the dynamics of midday, or in the deep silence of midnight, you would be hearing the frequencies of Gandharva Veda music.

These sublime melodies neutralise stress and disharmony in the environment. They gently restore biological rhythms by attuning your body to the cycles of nature underling each hour of the day and each season of the year.

The knowledge of when to play each melody is based on three-hour periods called Praharas which correspond to the changing frequencies of nature throughout the day. Maharishi Gandharva Veda provides music to create balance in the environment throughout the eight Praharas of the day – Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, Midnight and Late Night.

“Gandharva music is the eternal music of nature eternally the same, going on and on and on in swings of bliss everywhere.” – Maharishi

Bring balance and harmony into your home with Gandharva music.