Hello June

Now we have reached the Pitta season, and the enjoyment of hot lovely weather means that Pitta, the fire element, is coming stronger in our minds and bodies.

So it’s relevant and appropriate to think of how to balance Pitta in the summer.

There are two real fundamental things that balance Pitta: one is food and the other is fun, because what soothes pitta is to chill out and to enjoy.

Pitta is to do with that discriminating faculty of mind, as well as the metabolisms and hormones in the body.

So Pitta, by virtue of the heat of the summer, gets increased. And unless it’s kept balanced, by the end of the summer people can suffer road rage, or irritability, or obsessiveness, or inflammations like heat burn or skin rashes.

It’s useful to think of the five different aspects of Pitta in your body

Pachaka Pitta

The first pitta in the body is Pachaka Pitta, and Pachaka Pitta is located in the stomach and governs digestion. So the best method of balancing Pachaka will be through the appropriate foods.

Pitta-reducing diet is mainly the foods with sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. These include lots of sweet, juicy fruits, grains such as barley, oats, wheat and rice, pulses (beans, peas, lentils), and sweet mild spices like coriander, cardamom and cinnamon.

And dairy foods are good, but it is better to avoid fermented foods such as yoghourt and cheese, and vinegar. However fresh, home-made yoghourt diluted and made into lassi is a lovely cooling summer drink because it is not heated by too much fermentation.

So the right foods are good, and food after being acted on by Packhka Pitta is directed to the next of the pittas, which is Ranjaka.

Ranjaka Pitta

Ranjaka Pitta is located in the liver and bitter tasting foods are especially helpful for liver function so the same foods that help to keep Pachaka Pitta in balance also help to keep Ranjaka pitta balanced. Pachaka’s the first Pitta, Ranjaka is the second Pitta. And Sadhaka is the third pitta.

Sadhaka Pitta

Sadhaka governs fulfilment and it’s located in the heart and, when functioning well, helps to keep us happy. So what is real nourishment for keeping Sadhaka balanced is all the joys and fulfilment and enjoyment of the summer. It’s nature’s time of fulfilment, so naturally it is good to plan a holiday for summer, and enjoy.

Alochaka Pitta

The fourth pitta is Alochaka. It governs sight and is located in the eyes. It’s also to do with insight. This also involves the elements of fire and light and how we metabolise them through our sense of sight. Obviously in summer it’s time to take care of the eyes by protecting them from too much light, so a good set of sunglasses will help to keep your Alochaka pitta soothed, or balanced.

Bhrajaka Pitta

The fifth Pitta in the body is called bhrajaka. Bhrajaka is located in the skin, and in the skin it metabolises what ever you put on the skin such as the oils you use for your massage.  But, because the skin is one of the main sites where pitta lives, your skin will be sensitive to being provoked by excess heat of the summer and the sun. So Ayurveda would concur with the wisdom of protecting your skin from the excess exposure to hot sun. So wear your sun protectors on a hot summer’s day. By knowing the Pitta’s, their locations in the body, and how to keep them balanced you can enjoy the fulfilment of the summer without throwing your physiology, your Pitta, out of balance.

Products recommended for Pitta season

Selected Summer Products

So because of the Pitta season it’s nice to consider things that are cooling and the Almond Energy drink, taken just with water at room temperature, is very soothing and cooling.

The Pitta reducing teas, or aromas are something else you would find very refreshing at this time.


  • Rasayanas are always useful
  • Amrit Kalash can be taken through the summer.
  • Aci-Balance (MA575) is a Pitta-reducing digestive supplement.
  • Amla Berry (MA1) is a very good Pitta-reducing herb, a great support for the liver, eyes and for stamina.
  • Triphala tablets (MA505) are excellent, both because they contain amla berry and because they keep the elimination regular and they act as a general vitaliser.


Question: A lot of people travel on holidays and business. Are there any consideration to take care while travelling?

Answer: When travelling (remember, when it’s your) on holidays, remember to remain chilled out. Too many deadlines and rushing provokes pitta.  And also, the heat of summer may make your digestion a bit delicate so keep your meals regular and choose appropriate foods. A rushed pizza at the airport is just not sensible. Adopting a relaxed pace of travel, having appropriate nourishment and taking the experience as it comes will help to keep Pitta balanced.