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Peter Brown: So Jean-Louis, you’ve been having Panchakarma for some years. What is the sort of benefit you’ve had over the years?

Jean-Louis Nancy: Well, when I first started doing PK [Panchakarma] I had a very different kind of life and wasn’t that active. I was practising TM [Transcendental Meditation] more, full time almost, and having little activity in between. I was very involved in the activities of the TM centre where I was at the time. Therefore I found that the benefits then were different, and that my meditation was more clear. All the experiences I had were enhanced and much better through the Panchakarma, and also it was a very good way to relieve the little stresses I may have accumulated during my daily routine and my daily job.

I was doing PK quite regularly then – about twice a year – and my health was very good at the time as well, so that was probably also one of the benefits.

Later on I moved to to London and started working in there, and then my life was very very different as I was completely involved in my job and had very little time to do all these things. I was regular with my meditation but I didn’t have any time to do PK and it was only after a few years of working in London that I realised that I had a health issue. I did one of those PSA [Prostate Specific Antigen] tests because I was turning 50 at the time. The PSA was very high and I had a biopsy and it confirmed that I had prostate cancer.

That’s when I decided to go back to Ayurveda and apply all the principles of Ayurveda first of all to myself at home and soon after that with PK. Already by just doing the home treatment myself it appears that my PSA dropped considerably. Even though I was about to have an operation to remove my prostate (because that’s what they did those days) when they took my blood before the operation the PSA test showed that the levels had gone down to about 0.9. This was a considerable drop and I didn’t need to have the operation. Active surveillance was possible then since they could measure any increase in the PSA from then on if necessary.

So ever since then I have been on active surveillance for that and I have been doing PK every year since then, either in London or at this clinic in Skelmersdale. [fusion_highlight color=”#e9f3e4″ rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]The benefits are enormous and many-fold. I find that it keeps me going during my daily activity in the day, and in my job, and makes me much more focussed and energetic Also health-wise my condition with the prostate has not deteriorated at all – the PSA levels haven’t increased and I haven’t needed any medical intervention in the last 10 years at all.[/fusion_highlight]

I have been able to maintain a stable PSA and now also I have managed to gain some time as there are new some new techniques which are available in order to deal with this sort of prostate cancer, such as focal therapy, which is high-intensity ultra-sound, which is non-invasive and it doesn’t have any side-effects. So if necessary in the next few months I might go for that, but I find that PK and Ayurveda has helped me through the last 10 years to achieve this result now.

I find that also I am much more successful in my daily activity as well. Life in London can be very, very stressful, commuting every day morning and evening, sometimes meditating on the tube even. It can be very demanding. Regular PK, together with meditation of course, helps maintain a good level of health. Whenever I come back from doing PK I feel energised and much happier as well. I feel I have much more clarity of mind which is very important, and I can carry on for the next 6 months. I would ideally like to do PK every 6 months but it’s averaging once a year.


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