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Even during the summer, hot weather can come as a surprise to those of us in the UK. One day it can be overcast or raining and the next it can be clear skies and swelteringly hot. Below is a transcipt of the video Dr Donn Brennan has recently made on how to deal with hot weather, especially if you have a Pitta body-type. Following this are some Maharishi AyurVeda products that can help balance Pitta Dosha.

Hot weather comes as a great joy for the most of us as it’s such a wonderful contrast to the cold or the wet or the wind that we’re more used to for the rest of the year. However, even if it is initially a joy, as the heat climbs it can become a discomfort, especially for someone who is quite Pitta. And so for the Pitta type of person and the person who tends towards Pitta imbalance, the heat becomes very muggy and exhausting and sleep is disturbed. The question arises – how can we enjoy it?

The joy rests in the balance

In this hot season we have to balance Pitta. That’s why water is such a sublime and wonderful experience in the hot weather, whether we’re walking by it or looking at it or listening to it, or better yet swimming in it, because our heat is Pitta and our Pitta is really balanced by water. And by beauty – getting out and looking at the flowers and enjoying the beauty of nature, and from just purely enjoying ourselves is how to keep the balance of Pitta because we’re chilled when we enjoy

resh juices with fruit, greens, vegetablesIt’s wise to be aware though that when we drink a cold pint of beer which is fermented, this can add heat to our system. You might choose cooler foods and drinks that are not fermented and the summer time diet which includes lots of salads and grains and fruit are is quite suitable for balancing Pitta.

But we also want to be aware that with the summer and with the heat our digestive system becomes less strong. The diffusion of heat to the peripheries so that we can perspire and radiate out heat leaves the fire at the core – our digestion – weakened, So you don’t want a lot of heavy meals at this time, but lighter foods and cooler foods and drinks. Going to the extreme of ice and ice cream is a bit hard on the digestive system and only a really strong Pitta digestion can actually handle that very well.

So, cooler foods and drinks, lots of water, lots of fun, agreeable company –  these are lovely things, including of course that we shade our eyes from excess sunlight with sunglasses as the eyes are a site of Pitta. Our skin is also a site of Pitta so we should protect it and not expose it particularly to the intense midday sun. Our stomach and liver are a site of Pitta so a good diet keeps that balanced, and the heart is a site of Pitta so go for a lot of joy.

Pitta people could go out of balance now or at the end of the summer when the heat has accumulated with things like gout, ulcers, anger and frustration. These are Pitta imbalances. Over the summer season Pitta types must ensure that they don’t get overheated, they keep cool, keep chilled and have fun.

Pitta balancing herbals, essential oils and drinks

Almond Energy drink is a delicious mixture of blanched almonds together with raw sugar and energising herbs. Taken with room temperature water it is both soothing and cooling as well as energising. Added to warm milk, it is a delicious caffeine-free alternative to hot chocolate.

Pitta Tea is a delicious combination of refreshing yet cooling spices and fragrant rose petals and is the perfect solution when you’re feeling over-heated, frustrated or intense. Drunk warm or at room temperature, it helps cool mind, body and emotions. It is ideal for hot summer days, as well as for hot tempers.

Pitta Churna (mild spice seasoning) contains cumin, coriander, sweet fennel, cardamom, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, which helps provide all six tastes to a meal. It also supports digestion while balancing Pitta Dosha at the same time.

If you fall asleep quickly, but wake up in the night unable to fall back to sleep, Pitta may be out of balance. Try taking Blissful Sleep Pitta, along with its companion preparation Blissful Sleep Basic – working in combination, these remedies will help you experience uninterrupted sleep.

This sweet smelling Pitta Aroma Oil  helps cool your body and soothe your mind. When it’s hot outside, when your skin feels sensitive, or when you feel irritable or impatient try this oil.

The pressures of life and work can sometimes make you “see red” as the Ayurvedic principle of Pitta goes out of balance. Even Temper Aroma Oil is a cooling blend of pure essential oils to reduce Pitta and restore inner harmony.

Blissful Joy Aroma Oil consists of seven essential oils especially made for times when you feel sad and low. This mildly stimulating blend helps balance Sadhaka Pitta, the sub-Dosha of Pitta that governs both the physical and emotional heart and help put the joy back into your life.

Emotional Strength Aroma oil consists of sweet orange, peppermint, lemon, Italian cypress, jasmine, Damask Rose and neroli oils. When emotional pressures and mental effort are wearing you down, this exquisite aroma will help your mind relax and revive your vitality and zest for life.

Triphala Rose TabletsAmlaberry (MA1) is a great support for the liver, eyes and for stamina. Although Amlaberry is good for all doshas and seasons, it is especially effective in summer to cool Pitta dosha. It is an particularly good Rasayana (rejuvinator) for those with Pitta or Vata body-type.

Aci-Balance (MA575) is a Pitta-reducing digestive supplement. One of the early symptoms of excess Pitta can be over-acidity in the stomach. If left unchecked, this can put your digestion out of balance and lead to discomfort and a variety of health problems. The seventeen herbs in Herbal Aci-Balance are cooling and soothing to the stomach and reduces acidity.

Triphala tablets (MA505) aids  digestion, keeps your elimination regular and act as a general vitaliser. This is important during the summer as digestion can often become sluggish.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is a two-part formula consisting of MAK Nectar Paste (MA4) and MAK Ambrosia Tablets (MA5) each containing different ingredients. Although both preparations are holistic in nature and balance all three Doshas including Pitta, one preparation particularly targets the body’s intelligence and the other targets the mind.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]