German Ayurveda Doctors Association 2013

Over a hundred doctors and researchers gathered in Berlin last week to share profound knowledge and updates at the 30th anniversary of the German Ayurveda Doctors Association. (Original article: Maharishi

Dr Rainer Picha, Minister of Health of the Global Country of World Peace, gave some highlights of the inspiring presentations covering many areas of Ayurvedic practice and research. Some of the participants were not familiar with Transcendental Meditation or Maharishi Ayurveda, but they were delighted to hear about the extensive research results.

Electronic model of the Vedic physiology

The electronic model of the Vedic physiology was designed by Maharishi with Dr Rainer Picha, Minister of Health of the Global Country, to demonstrate the correspondences between the verses of Rk Veda and aspects of the human physiology.

A professor of Indology who is a Sanskrit expert was highly complementary about the model of Vedic physiology, commenting on how perfectly the recitations match their therapeutic purpose. During the recitation she was ‘blown away’ by the strong all-over experience, and a warm and soothing pleasantness in her knee where she had some problems. She was utterly astonished at the effectiveness of the Vedic recitations, and the perfect targeting of the selections, for example the recitation from the Mandala related to Akasha (ether) is connected with the joints, and that was the one that soothed her affected knee.

After the demonstration of the Vedic model of the Vedic Physiology, many doctors wanted to know if they could purchase it to use in their practices as a medical tool.

Following the conference Dr Picha and Dr Robert Schneider visited Vienna where they met a well-known cardiologist who has a clinic for hypertension. He had not heard about the research on Transcendental Meditation, but after half an hour the discussion had already turned to the practicalities of implementing it in his clinic. All the research including the scientific statement by the American Heart Association is now so strong that Dr Picha feels there is no resistance any more – it is just a matter of informing doctors and government health officials.

Dr Wolfgang Schachinger

Dr Wolfgang Schachinger

An overview of the main presentations of the 30th anniversary conference was given by Dr Wolfgang Schachinger. Among many interesting points were these two:

  • Prof. Przuntek, a neurologist working in the area of diet and the gut-brain axis, has found Ayurvedic dietary guidelines to be most effective in preventing and treating degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons.
  • Prof. Ammon has been researching Ayurvedic herbal preparations for 25 years and has confirmed that Frankincense is effective in preventing the destruction of insulin-producing cells in Diabetes 1.

Lothar Pirc, CEO of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Bad Ems, Germany, and founding board member of the new International Maharishi Ayurveda Foundation, recently engaged members of the German Parliament and German health insurance companies in an expert discussion on the topic of Ayurveda – A way out of the health care crisis – excellent results in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

The discussion was well received and attended. At least one major health insurer has committed to covering Ayurvedic treatment, and three universities in Germany have Ayurveda departments and are doing research. A similar discussion will soon be arranged with Members of the European Parliament.

Lothar Pirc also presented the publication of an article on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s insight into Vedanta, The Ultimate Knowledge of Life and Its Application to Bring World Peace – from Philosophy to Science. The 13-page article was co-authored by Girish Momaya and Prof. Susan Brown, and was published in the German journal Tattva Viveka, a journal for science, philosophy and spiritual culture.