Doctor reverses husband’s Alzheimer symptoms by prescribing him coconut oil

Steve Newport’s Alzheimer’s symptoms have slowed considerably, and some symptoms have even reversed, after his wife added coconut oil his diet.

His wife, Dr Mary Newport, a physician who runs a neonatology ward at a Tampa, Fla., hospital, started him on this coconut oil regime after he failed the Alzheimer’s clock test, a test designed to measure a wide range of cognitive abilities.

After two weeks of taking coconut oil, Steve took the Alzheimer’s clock test again and demonstrated remarkable improvement.

“I thought at the time, was it just good luck? Was it a lot of prayer? Was it the coconut oil?” said Dr Newport. “And I thought, well, we’re going to keep the coconut oil going.”

Three weeks later, he took the clock test a third time and demonstrated that he was still getting better.

It has to be noted that such improvement in Alzheimer’s symptoms can only be obtained if the coconut oil is non-hydrogenated and as unprocessed as possible.

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Watch the video of Steve Newport’s remarkable recovery below: