Dawn Mercer in garden
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Dawn Mercer: Today I enjoyed the comfort of my own home and the simple things that we have within reach seem like such a luxury after camping at a festival. The amazing feel of the flow of water, cleansing and rejuvenating brings such a sense of lightness to my body. Clean hair feels wonderful. My clean body gives a feeling of purity. This evening I thoroughly revelled in my Abhyanga massage after five days of not doing it. The practice brings a return to self along with the groundedness that I feel today, being amongst the beautiful greenery in Mawdesley and the wonder of my back garden, the big tree and plants and the sound of the flowing stream.

Dr Donn Brennan’s Comments: Summer is pitta season and pitta has the quality of being hot. So the best strategy for balancing is to remain cool. Chilling out at a festival is a perfect prescription for a hot summer. Also since pitta is often described as ‘fire’ flowing water brings balance and delight.


I awoke today feeling exhausted, my body aching after a week of sleeping on the ground. Although I loved the earthiness, perhaps my spine didn’t! I moved slowly today when I could and tried to be mindful in each moment and enjoyed the simple joy of being at home again.

It is interesting that we can throw vata out of balance even as we enjoy life. The routine changing, probably less deep rest, new situations and the hardness of the earth all combine to throw out vata. Therefore the body, doing its thing and informing of imbalance, gives aches and feelings of exhaustion. Since vata is fast, balance is restored through, among other things, moving slowly and just being at home.


Today seemed to be full of jobs so I felt quite pulled from one thing to the other. I did my massage last night again and then bathed before bed. I was contemplating while on a lovely walk out in the sunshine, on how I noticed that somehow I don’t feel as good after an evening massage and bathing as I do in the morning. Perhaps I have got used to the morning quietness and routine practices, easing me into a new day and preparing myself somehow, with an intention of goodness in the day ahead.

A morning massage, along with a good meditation and a relaxed breakfast, all help to settle vata before starting the day’s activities. Then you are more relaxed during the day and gather less stress and strain. An evening massage is good for sleep but the benefits may not continue as strong into the next day.


Lots of jobs today and organising of various things. My mind is feeling scattered, yet sharp and clear with all that is to be done. Observing that my energy levels are good today, Evan and I went out for tea with some friends. Three boys, five and under and a four week old baby. I had a moment of realising how far I have come in the last twelve months. I feel naturally relaxed and at ease in my response/reactions to the demands of children and many other things. Drove up to the Lakes later on, arrived tired.

Had a late evening.

Even though vata has not yet fully relaxed from the excitement and fatigue of the festival, the benefit of the longer term use of Maharishi Ayurveda is seen here. First there is a quick return to good energy levels as vata is brought back towards balance, just by being at home and on a good regime. Second is the growing resilience and stamina that accrues with long term living according to Ayurveda.


I awoke today and did my practices as usual and enjoyed my stewed apples in coconut oil which I find very more-ish! I worked a ten hour shift hairdressing but felt good!

Despite the tiring day traveling up to the Lakes and the late night there is the strength and energy for a hard day’s work.


I awoke early today feeling tired from simply not much rest in the last two weeks, apart my meditation or sleep. It all caught up with me today … feeling tired and frustrated and my body is craving stillness and rest, none doing. Not going anywhere and no restriction on time. I need to get back on “Dawn track” – wholeness in everything.

Vata still needs to be brought back fully to balance.


I am finding a few personal things in my life challenging at the moment and my thoughts seem to be a large part of my day. They are disturbing to my usual peaceful balance and harmonious self. I am acutely aware that my TM and the simple practice of Abhyanga is allowing a deep sense of nurture to myself at this time and that anything I am doing mindfully for myself really creates a feeling of support. So I am observing the gift of making time for these everyday and the sense of inner reward I feel for being committed to my pure self.

The busy mind reflects vata imbalance. Transcendental Meditation and Oil massage bring vata to balance as does the nurturing they entail.


Today I have made sure I have nourished myself well with food. I am really enjoying the warmth of any milk-based food/recipes. I am aware of the gratification my body feels from only consuming food or drinks at room temperature or warmer. It seems to make sense in our cleansing and assimilating processes. Interestingly, I am observing how my body feels in relation to people and how warm they appear in their actions, words or body language. I am super-sensitive at the moment as to what happens for me now when I am met with defensive or cold behaviour or what feels harsh, recognising communication that is not from the heart.

Sensitivity is an aspect of a good balanced vata. Vata is further balanced by dairy and warmth, whether of food or emotion.Cold and harsh qualities disrupt vata.

What is beautiful in these dairy entrances is the inner connectedness and refined insight Dawn has to her needs. Also the delight to be had in those influences that bring balance. This is the true meaning and purpose of Ayurveda, the ‘Knowledge of Life’.