Culturing the Heart

Culturing the heart

Just as the kiss of a mother brings joy to the child’s heart, so too the glimpse of the beloved creates a flow of appreciation within the lover’s heart.

A kind word of appreciation can lift a persons day into a great day. A walk with your family dog or time spent stroking your cat also cultures finer feelings.

What is happening?

Within these interactions, something magical is happening. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explained it this way:

On the level of steady, unshakable steadfast consciousness, on this level the appreciation of the finer starts, then the grosser becomes more charming. This spontaneous ability of finer perception makes the objects more charming. In the increasing charm, the perception of appreciation grows. With the growth of appreciation, the value of love increases and this is termed as culture of the heart. The heart becomes cultured when perception becomes finer because finer perception is more charming. The distance between the subject and object becomes shorter as the object becomes more attractive.

With the growth of appreciation, the value of love increases as the heart becomes cultured. This improvement of heart cultures the ability to appreciate more and love expands until the distance between you and what you love becomes shorter until you are one. To experience love in this way as a mother, husband, and wife, lover, friend and animal lover is very good for your health and wellbeing!

What stops the culturing of the heart?

Maharishi explained that for full culturing of the heart stresses need to be resolved or released.

When life is lived in freedom due to the release of stress, then the nervous system and digestive system are able to produce more valuable substances.

Ayurveda explains that this more valuable substance is called Ojas. It is the substance that is created from full and complete digestion. Ojas is the essence of the tissues and though located in the heart pervades all over the body and controls the working of the body. Charaka, an ancient Ayurvedic physician, explains that Ojas keeps all living being refreshed and there can be no life without Ojas. The lifeforce owes its existence to it.

Ojas is not only essential for health and wellbeing but also sets in motion our higher consciousness and finest level of feeling. See below for herbal formulations traditionally used to assist with promotion of Ojas.

Maharishi goes on to explain

We eat the same food, the same almond, the same honey, the same butter, the same bread, the same cauliflower; what the system produces depends on how strongly it functions.

We are supplying the same material, what the system is able to make out of the food, that is what counts.

The more efficient system produces more valuable chemistry. When more stress, ulcers, more acid produced, the system does not function, no matter what you eat, the system does not make the best out of it. Same food can produces more valuable chemistry. The more valuable food is responsible for improved perception, physiology functions better. The system knows to operate with more subtlety.

All roads lead to Rome

With the latest research in the gut microbiome, Maharishi’s explanation of the power of valuable chemistry starts to come into focus.

A recently published abstract Dietary metabolism, the gut microbiome, and heart failure by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information reported:

Several metabolites produced by gut microorganisms from dietary metabolism have been linked to pathologies such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes mellitus. These findings suggest that the gut microbiome functions like an endocrine organ by generating bioactive metabolites that can directly or indirectly affect host physiology.

Nature, International Journal of Science Feb 2019 published an abstract The neuroactive potential of the human gut microbiota in quality of life and depression, considering the role of gut bacteria and mental health. The research identified bacteria that is linked to depression while showing that a wide range of gut bacteria can produce neuroactive compounds.

What can we Take from this?

  • Cultivating a steady, unshakable steadfast consciousness is the foundation stone of life.
  • For the development of full potential and higher states of consciousness optimal creation of Ojas is required.
  • When digestive processes are impaired, and less valuable substances are created dis-ease states arise.
  • The production of more valuable substances from the digestive process is the basis of prevention and maintenance of health and longevity.

What can you do?

Understand that when you feel stressed your gut feels stressed too!

Then your gut or biome is unable to function optimally for you. So look at where you can reduce stress in your life. If you regularly practice Transcendental Meditation (TM), then you are already a step ahead. If you don’t know about TM, then learn more about it here

Understand your Ayurvedic Body Type and what food and drinks will be best for your biome. Favour fresh foods, freshly prepared and choose local foods according to the season. Aim to have your main food at lunch when your biome is ready for a larger meal and a lighter meal in the early evening when your biome is ready for a smaller meal.

Sip warm or room temperature water throughout the day. Favour the seasonal tea: Kapha tea during Springtime; Pitta tea during Summer and Vata tea during Autumn and Winter.

Be sure to complete a seasonal cleanse between seasons so that excess impurities from the previous season don’t accumulate and build up clogging up your biome.

To support your biome and to aid digestion

If your digestive system is slow and can be sluggish take Trikatu with Clove (MA99) and 1 tablet of Meda tablets (MA631) prior meals 2-3 times a day. 30 minutes after meals take Organic Tulsi 2 tablets.

If your digestion tends to be irregular or changeable, take Herbal Digest (MA927) before meals and Digest Plus (MA154) after meals.

If your digestion tends to be hot or sharp take Herbal Digest before meals and Digest Medium (MA685) after meals. If you have a tendency for sharp discomfort due to Pitta imbalance causing an excess of stomach acids, then take Gastro Support (MA320) after meals.

To support the health of your immunity also consider adding the 2 part Amrit Kalash formulae.

  • MAK Ambrosia tablets (MA5) boosts mental potential and enhances three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall of information. This all-natural, pesticide-free blend is said to promote Ojas, the finest body tissue and traditionally seen as central to long life and perfect health.
  • MAK Nectar paste (MA4) is an ayurvedic Rasayana, designed to nourish all the major body systems. It enlivens the body’s intelligence and is a full spectrum super-antioxidant.

The word is out!

Recently when walking with a friend who is a real estate agent, I was delighted to hear at a recent international conference meditation was recommended to everyone. To really perform at a high level going within to that silent and expanded place and coming out with finer perception and a more cultured heart was acknowledged to be essential. Its good to see the value of consciousness is now considered primary to enjoying success in life.

Wishing you the bliss of balance
Linda Sinden, Maharishi AyurVeda Consultant

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our health articles. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.

Mobile: +64 212237525
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DISCLAIMER: The information in this document is presented for the sole purpose of imparting education on Maharishi AyurVeda and neither the information nor the products are intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant or lactating, please consult a health professional and it is recommended that you speak with your physician before making significant changes to your diet or routine.