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Escape your busy routine, experience deep purification and regeneration and enjoy silence and natural beauty on a 3-day Panchakarma break in Fife, Scotland 18-20 or 21-23 October.

This is the second Maharishi AyurVeda Health retreat to be held in the coastal village of Lower Largo, Fife and organised by Sharon Wilson Hodgson. This great value health package includes, consultations with Dr Donn Brennan, accommodation in Cardy Net House, a contemporary and comfortable venue, and the opportunity for beach walks with stunning sea views. Also, each day a trained house chef will prepare three fresh organic vegetarian meals for you.

Developed over thousands of years by the top masters of Ayurveda, Panchakarma therapy offers the most complete and comprehensive detoxification and regeneration system. The experience feels like a complete re-boot of your whole body and mind.

In our last retreat, two groups of 8 people received treatment from an expert team of Maharishi AyurVeda therapist, over a one week period. Following are reports from a few of the participants:

A very big thanks to:

  • Sharon for bringing PK to Scotland, for organising the retreat so well and for taking such great care of us; seeing to our every need and playing a major part in creating such a peaceful, restful and healing environment.
  • Stephen for cooking us sumptuous repasts each day and also spurring me on to searching out Dosha-friendly ingredients and cooking more Dosha-friendly meals.
  • Dr Donn for his continuous and invaluable support and guidance in my aim to achieve a longer, meaningful and richer life.
  • All the therapy team for their wonderful skills and such caring, attentive and professional care.
  • My special thanks particularly to Marie Jose and Dorothy, who with Dr Donn, took such wonderful care of me.
  • My fellow ‘PKers’ each and every one of you enriched my experience. I enjoyed sharing nuggets of knowledge and information and bathing in your kindness and consideration.
  • Golnaz – you were such a great TM partner for the three days. I so enjoyed getting to know you and sharing our TM sessions. I think about you often.
    I’d just like to share a little of the benefits I feel from the experience of my first PK – these are of body, mind and spirit. It is difficult to tease out individual elements of what feels like a whole and wholesome experience. Basically, I’m still trying to get my head around how I feel as the weeks following PK flow by. In a weird way I experienced some contradictory feelings.

I was very tired for two days following the retreat and then became very energised but in a very clear and focussed way – it was as if I knew what I had to do!!

As the days turn into weeks I generally feel more contented, relaxed and patient, but also more focussed in my thinking, actions and decisions. Interestingly, my artwork has improved (but this may be a coincidence and it may not last!!!).

Overall, I definitely feel more ‘at one with myself’, more in tune with my environment and what my body needs, including choosing healthier food options! So, here’s to meeting up again. – Liz

Before the retreat I was apprehensive and skeptical initially and a bit reticent re price, but was a bit reassured when I saw the setting – Cardy Net House was perfect lots of space but still quite intimate. The mix of people was uncanny. Everyone got on so well and the love and care put in was admirable. The treatments were just sublime and went way beyond my expectation. The therapist were just amazing. A wonderful experience (I still feel kind of different even now – my alcohol intake has decreased dramatically !!!) I would recommend wholeheartedly. – Forrest

Thank you all for making my treatment so pleasant. Also special thanks to our lovely Ayurveda technicians and practitioners. I should also thank dear Sharon and Steven for working so hard. Now I have comeback to my everyday life, full of energy and loads of unforgettable sweet memories of wonderful people. I wish you all a blissful and prosperous life. – Golnaz

The location was superb and the atmosphere was relaxed and calming. The tasty food gave me an insight into being satisfied without heaviness. Since two therapists worked together, the massages were nicely symmetrical! – J

D’Arcy and I remain extremely grateful to you for organising the retreat and for making it such a delightful and renewing experience. The combination of a perfect location, delicious and obviously lovingly prepared food, together with a group of like-minded people wanting to rest and refresh their minds and bodies made for a relaxed, convivial atmosphere: all of which were so important, if we were to get the maximum benefit from the retreat.

Cardy Net House itself had exactly the right ‘vibe’ – a large, light and modern communal area with fantastic views across the bay, coupled with traditionally furnished and welcoming bedrooms.

Whilst I had long wished to go on a detox/retreat, D’Arcy had many reservations, but we both found the treatments delivered cumulative benefits over the course of the three days and ultimately being profoundly invigorating, such that our overall sense of well-being has been greatly improved.

It has to be said that the team of technicians exhibited the highest professionalism and care during the treatments so you literally felt in great hands, with a deep sense of love surrounding the administering of the treatments.

Having a personalised treatment itinerary devised by Dr Brennan was immensely reassuring, and this combined with the evening talks/videos, helped to reinforce understanding of our dosha’s, meaning we took away from the retreat knowledge that we can use on a daily basis to improve our health and build long lasting benefit from the Panchakarma.

As you know, we followed the retreat with a holiday, playing famous golf courses in Fife and East Lothian, and we thoroughly enjoyed that time too – and felt that we gained extra enjoyment as a result of the Panchakarma.

It is safe to say that we have become converts to Panchakarma, extolling its virtues to family and friends and wondering when we can next go on retreat.

Thanks too for the recipe’s – besides enabling me to cook some of the great dishes we had, they also contain lots of ideas to enhance my cooking generally. – Sharon

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