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Peter Brown: So John, you recently had Panchakarma – you had a One Day Wonder – how did you get on with that?

John Collins: I’d been travelling and working for a few weeks and I was frazzled. I’d stopped enjoying things. So I thought I’d try a One Day Wonder at the Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Skelmersdale.

I’m no stranger to Ayurvedic clinics – I’ve been to them in four or five countries for treatment. When I arrived I noticed that everyone was friendly and the place was immaculate and very nicely done.

We started the treatment, which was an abhyanga massage, and actually after about five minutes I was absolutely bathing in bliss, it was incredible. I thought it was fantastic.

The technicians and really professional but it’s also like an art form. When a Panchakarma technician is really good it’s like an artistic act. I was lying back there bathed in bliss.

After this I came out and was a different person, it was fantastic.

So, yes, three thumbs for the Skelmersdale clinic!