Ayurvedic secrets to loose weight

Reset your digestive system using principles from Ayurveda and in the process unlock the secret of natural weight loss. With the help of a Maharishi Ayurveda doctor, Dr. Oz, the US health guru, walks you through foods, treatments and herbs than can help you become slimmer.

Watch the video here. (Great for those with a short attention span.)

The following Maharishi Ayurveda herbal supplements will help with weight loss:

  • Be Trim 1: For those with a normal appetite who easily gain weight (Kapha body type).
  • Be Trim 2: For people with large appetite and Pitta characteristics (naturally have more heat in their body).
  • Herbal Cleanse: Helps maintain natural colon function to help to effectively flush out toxins from the body.
  • Be Trim Tea:  This precise blend of Gymnema and Indian Kino helps to balance fat metabolism. It also helps decrease sugar cravings.
  • Peace of Mind Tea: Helps balance and calm your mind, emotions, and nerves. Helpful when you want to stop compulsive eating.
  • Kapha Churna Spice BlendThis aromatic blend gently enhances the digestive fire. Its helps eliminate toxins and enables the efficient breakdown of fats in our diet.
  • Digestive Spice Mix: This soothing blend of spices supports appetite and digestion. It enhances nutrition by supplying all the six tastes we need and its warming effect enhances stability.
  • Be Trim Aroma Oil: Trying to lose weight? Enjoy the stimulating fragrance of five synergistically blended essential oils, while you balance your metabolism with proper diet and exercise.