Dawn by the Dome Autumn 2013
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Dawn Mercer: I have had the pleasure of practising yoga for 20 years. During the last 8-10 years I have delved deeply into the whole philosophy of this sacred science and art and I feel that the knowledge and experiences of going inwards is a gift for all in this world.

In the times we are all living, I feel that yoga and meditation are a necessity for our health and well being.

Alongside my yoga practice, I have been practising Transcendental Meditation for nearly a year.

I am now incorporating Ayurvedic principles into my life with regards to food and abhyanga massage with the intention to enjoy every benefit possible.

I went to visit Dr Donn Brennan for a Maharishi Ayurveda health consultation 3 weeks ago and began a daily diary about 10 days after.

Comments by Dr Donn Brennan:

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences.  Yoga in the traditional context means ‘the still mind’.  Yoga asanas and pranyamas prepare the mind for stillness.  Transcendental Meditation allows the mind to settle to stillness, experiencing pure consciousness within.

Ayurveda explains how this inner field of your potential, pure consciousness, becomes lively as the Intelligence that structures your body.  Thereby Ayurveda helps you to recognise and organise how to live in tune with your nature, to create health.


I awoke really tired this morning after working and travelling back from The Lakes, feeling as if I could heavily sleep and surrender to my exhausted body. I can feel that I missed a couple of days with my massage and observing the difference I feel for not having done it.

One of the beauties of Ayurveda is the goodness you feel when using it.  The contrast when you don’t is a good motivator to keep you on track!


A day of great peace. Feeling drawn to total quiet today, enjoyed my morning meditation and the luxury of my massage. Today I sensed that my body and mind were waiting to dwell in pure and natural things.

When we are in balance the inner quality of pure consciousness which is peace and bliss, can permeate our being. This is the best motivator to stick with the Ayurveda regime.


Today was quite tiring because my son wasn’t well in the night. I did my abhyanga later in the day when on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being aware of my body parts I don’t or haven’t tended to take care of as I don’t like them. Finding the massage allows me time to notice things I would overlook. Had an enormous urge of wanting to nurture these areas to health.

Love heals. Most of us have to learn how to love ourselves!


Today was reflective again. Although I was busy tending to my sons needs, I felt my mind was in deep awareness and clarity. I’ve had a deep sense today of beginning a journey of change and letting go of whatever sludge I am holding here that manifests as heavy and dense in my body. Like there’s are areas of stagnant energy I want to shift and move forward with or from. Feeling a deep need of vitality and pureness.

Often the obstacles to your deepest awareness and clarity are the accumulated imbalances and toxins in your body.  After all, your body is the instrument you have created to express your wisdom, love, intelligence and joy through.


Today I am really noticing my stomach and its levels of hunger, observing my digestion and the subtlety of its messages. I’ve really enjoyed the hunger at lunchtime and eating and knowing it’s real fuel to my vehicle!

I am aware each morning as I awake, the smoothness of my skin and the nourishment I feel from the Coconut Oil and Revitalising Oil on my face is amazing. I can see a radiance and youthful glow and it feels good.

I am feeling the amount to be done in the morning alongside everything else that is to be done for the day – feeling challenged by the regularity yet loving the results and how it makes me feel.

In Ayurveda, balance is the key.  We live such busy lives.  To take care of ourselves is often forgotten. It can come as a challenge to find the time.  However it is essential to.  If you keep your balance, everything else can be worked out.  If you lose your balance, things go wrong.


This weekend I have people staying so it’s challenging to keep up the practices and eating, but I feel a deep sense of commitment to myself to fit it all in.

Today I spent more time enjoying my massage, observing the moment and increasing the massage pressure. Feeling the need to get things moving and shift the unhealthy heavy stagnance of my legs.

I was met today with my digestion letting me know I can no longer eat raw apple and feel happy!

It is a joy to witness how people become increasingly aware of their own needs and what suits and does not suit them through using Ayurveda.


After yesterday’s eating messages of a quick ‘apple’, today I noticed how my digestion seems to Purr! at the warmth of the stewed apples first thing in the morning and how much of a comfort they are to my being. It feels like a real loving nourishment to my belly!

I have been aware over the past few months of apples and a few other things seeming to not agree somehow any more – so, body of mine “I’ve heard it clearly now ….”


I received all my information with regards to my Doshas today again from Dr Donn Brennan so have printed it all off now so I can fully immerse myself and create some real changes in my life.

I feel excited about embracing all that Ayurveda has to offer me in my mind and my body.

And looking back over the the last week, feel that the commitment and practices, however small they seem, are having a profound effect on me.

And I want to honour myself in delving into its knowledge and wisdom.

Dawn’s last comment is a wonderful inspiration. Each one of us needs to honour ourselves.  There is incredible wisdom, energy, bliss and love within everyone. Only through each one honouring and nurturing him/herself will this potential begin to emerge. This is what Ayurveda is about.