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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Enjoy the “Sleep that relieves the weary labourer and heals hurt minds”

By |2017-11-03T09:21:38+00:00July 31st, 2015|Fatigue, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Sleep|

There is an age-old saying in Ayurveda: “sleep is the nurse of all living beings”. Studies have shown that sleep is not only important for the brain, but also for the immune system, for hormonal balance, for learning and even for weight loss. During sleep your system has the chance to repair the damage done to it during the day. It [...]

Triphala: Why is it Ayurveda’s most popular herbal?

By |2017-09-05T13:50:32+01:00July 7th, 2015|Detox, Digestion, Maharishi Ayurveda Blogs, Rasayanas, Rejuvenation|

Peter Brown: The biggest selling herbal within Maharishi AyurVeda, and probably within Ayurveda as a whole, is called Triphala, which means three fruits. What is the purpose of Triphala? What is it good for? Dr Donn Brennan: Triphala is, as you say, probably the most common Ayurveda herbal used in the world – considering the population of India and the global reach of Ayurveda. This herbal has so many good properties. [...]